SWBC PEO Success Story | Alamo Trust

A PEO Success Story: Alamo Trust

Learn how SWBC PEO assists Alamo Trust with human resources support, payroll, and employee benefits.

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  • Improve technological advancements
  • Reduce the cost of employee benefits
  • Increase employee benefit options


  • Increased efficiencies due to technology
  • Competitive rates
  • Generous employee benefit options


Alamo Trust is a non-profit organization with a nine-member Board of Directors with approximately 100 employees, volunteers, and interns. Alamo Trust’s most significant challenges that required the assistance of a PEO were to relieve the pressure and responsibility for payroll and HR that was the result of having a very small team. In addition, Alamo Trust needed a solution that would meet their diverse needs by offering a robust high-level suite of HR services and technology to their large organization that includes a diverse group of employees—from professional staff to security grounds-keeping.

“We’re looking for someone to help us from an HR standpoint and handle employee issues that arise.” —Kate Rogers, Executive Director

Let SWBC PEO help you simplify your HR and payroll operations so you can focus on growing your business. Call us today at 866-792-2736 or click below to request a FREE consultation.


SWBC PEO helped Alamo Trust by providing access to a high level of HR systems and technology for the organization, beginning with a new time and attendance system. This robust system helped streamlinea process that had become cumbersome for the organization. This improvement allowed Alamo Trust to upgrade to SWBC PEO’s user-friendly mobile application, which increased efficiency and made a big difference in where their time was allocated. Additionally, by outsourcing their HR and employee benefits needs to SWBC PEO, Alamo Trust has been able to reclaim the time initially spent on HRtasks and redirect that extra time and resources toward focusing on their mission. “To match the level of HR services and expertise that SWBC PEO brings is simply unattainable for most non-profit organizations,” said Rogers.

“When we have questions about benefits, payroll, 401(k), or FMLA [the Family and Medical Leave Act], we have a whole suite of people we can get guidance from. That has been wonderful and they [SWBC PEO] feel like an extension of our team,” said Rogers.

When asked if she would recommend SWBC PEO to any of her colleagues, Rogers responded, “I would enthusiastically recommend using a PEO to other organizations” and that partnering with SWBC PEO brought peace of mind to her and her team.

When you work with SWBC PEO, our team of experts take over stressful and time-consuming tasks such as payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance, allowing you to focus on what’s most important—growing your business. Call us today at 866-792-2736 or click below to request a FREE consultation.


SWBC’s Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides HR compliance, health benefits administration, payroll processing, workers’ compensation, and loss control services to businesses headquartered in Texas. SWBC PEO is a single solution for all of your employment-related needs.

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