Outsourced Mortgage Lending Services | SWBC

Outsourced Mortgage Lending Services

As a financial institution, you are challenged to maintain a healthy balance between customer service, growing a healthy mortgage loan portfolio, and managing risk and expenses. With so many traditional and non-traditional lenders vying for the attention of your customers, you have to find innovative ways to stay top of mind for all of their financial needs, including mortgage lending.

Built on the foundation of providing exemplary customer service, we have been providing mortgage solutions to financial institution partners for more than 30 years. Our mortgage lending program can help your institution build lasting customer relationships, grow your mortgage portfolio, and create a viable income stream.


With our flexible approach, choose the program you need to reach your goals.

Turnkey Mortgage Solutions

Eliminate the costly expense for staffing and software with one of our turnkey solutions. Provide your customers with the best mortgage application experience possible using a co-branded webpage. Gain access to our secure, state-of-the-art digital application and an experienced on-site or off-site licensed mortgage loan officer. Leveraging our extensive resources and experience, we will process, underwrite, and close your loans. These solutions allow your institution to earn fee income or retain compliant loans in your loan portfolio.


Third-Party Originator Program

Our third-party originator program allows your institution to expand your existing mortgage lending program to include government loans. We sponsor FHA- and VA-approved financial institutions and provide staff training, our state-of-the-art digital mortgage platform, and fulfillment services to expand your income stream and increase member retention.


We offer our clients a robust line of products and program options including FHA, VA, Conventional, USDA, Bond, Renovation, and Jumbo mortgage loans. We also have Down Payment Assistance programs and Niche Products to expand your customers' homebuying options.

Along with competitive rates and comprehensive loan options, we’re focused on providing the very best service and support to both your staff and your borrowers.



Enhanced Digital Mortgage Application Process


Co-Branded Marketing Toolkit, Web Page, and Application Platform


Educational Seminars for Staff and Borrowers

HomePlus™ Realtor Network and Rewards Program

Financial and Production Reporting

No Cross-Selling to Your Customers

We Focus On Compliance To Give You Confidence


Compliant Services

Our origination and fulfillment services are compliant with all state, federal, and agency guidelines. Pre-close quality control checks are performed on all mortgage loans.


Experienced Compliance Team

We offer support for your marketing collateral reviews, HMDA data, state and agency audits, and loan compliance.


Our Outsourced Mortgage Lending Service gives you the ability to offer your customers home financing options that fit their needs and financial situation at a fraction of the cost of a traditional mortgage lending program. Grow your mortgage lending portfolio with SWBC.



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