Juvenile Life Insurance

Securing financial stability for children is a common priority for parents and grandparents. A juvenile life insurance policy with SWBC is one way to provide a meaningful gift that will protect your child through adulthood or provide funds that have built in the policy’s cash value.

Juvenile life insuranceoffers a multitude of benefits for the child you insure

Affordable Rates

Get a high amount of coverage at a low rate. With plan options up to $30,000, rest assured that you’re providing your child with a lifetime of coverage.

Guaranteed Adult Coverage

As long as premiums continue being paid, the policy will remain into adulthood, regardless of occupation or medical conditions. Plus, the coverage amount can be increased on option dates when the insured has reached age 31, 34, and 37.

Locked-In Premiums

The policy’s premium is guaranteed to remain the same up until age 25. Once the insured child reaches age 25, the premium will have a slight increase then will remain that rate for life.

Cash Value

Over time, the policy will build up a cash value that the insured can borrow against or completely cash in. This can offer relief from financial burdens such as college tuition or other life events.

Give your child or grandchild a gift that will benefit them into adulthood. With a juvenile life insurance policy through SWBC, you’ll be providing guaranteed coverage that will stay with them for life—regardless of their health, lifestyle, or residence. Plus, you’ll be providing them access to a financial tool by building up cash value. Get coverage today and ensure that your children are protected.


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