Collections Software

To be effective in the collections space, optimizing your program for efficiency is a key pillar to being successful. Often times, your financial institution’s collections team has to visit several programs to accomplish one goal—collect on delinquent accounts. Your institution may like keeping a more “hands-on” approach to your collections program but need tools to boost productivity. At the intersection of technology and compliance, collections software is the answer to your institution’s risk management needs.

Streamline your operations with Collections Software

Maintain control of your collections efforts through a cloud-based system

Web-Based Program

Through our exclusive collections software, financial institutions can aggregate data from multiple systems into one, intuitive program that all your collections representatives can use.

Automate Collections Task

To increase collections efficiency, you can utilize the large assortment of automated collections tasks through already established templates.

Reduce IT Roadblocks

Thanks to its web-based architecture and being hosted by SWBC, there are fewer IT-related obstacles to overcome. SWBC maintains the software to ensure its up-to-date and fully compliant.

Take Control

Using web-based collections software allows your institution to configure your program to meet your risk management needs. Through a configurable web workspace, your representatives can finally approach collections from a unified environment.
Strides in technology give us opportunities to provide software to make your financial institution’s collection program more economic. Clients often find SWBC’s collection software as the missing element to help ignite their collections program. 

Communication is key in any collections effort. With our collections software your team will be able to effectively view full account history, notes, and upcoming automated tasks. Through a dashboard display, collectors can view activity and assigned tasks as soon as they log in to begin their work.  

One Program toBoost Collections

AutoPilot® System

SWBC’s exclusive AutoPilot technology is working hard behind the scenes to make your collections efforts as systematic and effortless as possible. As an AutoPilot user, your institution has the potential to gain access to additional risk-management functions from the same platform.


Take the guess work out of knowing how your collections program is performing. Through our collections software you use pre-established reports or create your own customized report. We’ve even included a report automation feature so you can create a report that runs automatically and is sent to key personnel within your financial institution.


SWBC’s compliance staff proactively research information on the latest bulletins and regulations. As new compliance measures are enacted or updated, our team updates the collections software to reflect any changes.
Schedule a demo today to learn more about our collections software and how it can benefit your bottomline.

Client Testimonials

“The people at SWBC are so professional and committed to providing excellent service. It doesn’t matter who I speak with, the level of commitment is the same.”
Steve Plotkin
VP of Collections, FAIRWINDS CU
“We are able to analyze the trend of delinquencies of each of our products by creating a specific work list, queues, and reports that we can generate from the AutoPilot software. If one product needs more attention, we are able to change the parameters and focus on those specific products within seconds.”
Marvel Ford
FVP and Risk Management Officer, California Credit Union

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